Monday, October 14, 2013

Charles Bukowski: 75 million dollars

75 million dollars

there's Picasso
and now he's gone.
I know, it's in the papers.
there has been much about Picasso
in the papers.
we know he painted.

now there's the division of the estate.
there seem to be many little Picassos.
it will go to court, probably.
75 million dollars.

I like to think of how he worked with the brush,
doing it. wet paint, canvas, whatever.
the light. him standing there.
the process unwinding and smoking.
there's the light and air and smell and the
idea, the smell of the
idea. and something to
eat. and there's a clock there.
eat the clock, Pablo. don't let the clock

the man leaves and his work
but to me
it's much more splendid when both
the man and the work are
here. yes, I know, I
know. 75 million dollars.

well, Picasso's gone.

immortality and fame are not always
different things. Pablo had fame,
now he has the other.

I think of old Henry Miller walking up and down
the floor in Pacific Palisades and waiting,

we're all such good tough creative boys,
why do they let us

75 million dollars.


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