Friday, September 16, 2011

Charles Bukowski: some picnic

some picnic

which reminds me
I shacked with Jane for 7 years
she was a drunk
I loved her

my parents hated her
I hated my parents
it made a nice

one day we went on a picnic
up in the hills
and we played cards and drank beer and
ate potato salad and weenies

they talked to her as if she were a living person
at last

everybody laughed
I didn't laugh.

later at my place
over the whiskey
I said to her,
I don't like them
but it's good they treated you

you damn fool, she said,
don't you see?

see what?

they keep looking at my beer-belly,
they think I'm

oh, I said, well here's to our beautiful

here's to our beautiful child,
she said.

we drank them down.


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