Thursday, December 22, 2011

Charles Bukowski: piss


remember once I was sitting in this hotel
room when my woman came in drunk and said,
"Christ, I couldn't hold it, I had to piss in the
I was drunk too, I was barefoot and in
my shorts.
I got up and walked out the door and down
the hall and pushed the elevator
it came up.
the door opened.
the elevator was empty but sure enough
there in the corner was the
as I was standing there a man and a
woman came out of their place
and walked toward the
the door was beginning to close
so I held it open with my hand
so they could get
as the door began to close I heard the
woman say,
"that man was in his shorts."
and just as it closed I heard the man say,
"and he pissed in the elevator."

I went back to the room and told her,
"they think I pissed in the elevator."

"who?" she asked.


"what people?"

"the people who saw me standing
in my shorts."

"well, screw them," she said.

she was sitting there drinking a glass
of wine.

"take a bath," I said.

"you take a bath," she said.

"at least take a shower," I said.

"you take a shower," she said.

I sat down and poured a glass of

we were always arguing about


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