Wednesday, November 28, 2012

POUNDO by Gene Beery


by Gene B. Beery

The six-legged dog that would run as fast as the speed of light!

Poundo was stranded in our reality when he popped out of the laptop of a
student studying cyberspace tunnels for a midterm exam in computer science.
Poundo appeared to be a blue-eyed Australian shepherd with the
characteristics of a curved tailed corgi with two extra legs for bonus

Sadly the student turned Poundo over to the local SPCA because he couldn’t
share with Poundo the little dog food he had to eat.

Poundo had been chasing a computer hacker’s five legged pit bull down
electronic paths and they both burst through a quantum blockage and both
ended up in a rural Ohio dog pound run by the SPCA.

Poundo began planning an escape from this SPCA "jail cell" almost

He needed room to get up to the needed high speed to transfer back to the
electronic trails of cyberspace. Back through the info highway, the
bloodless shooting games and etc. to get back to virtual reality and the
exhilarating super pace chasing bad and mad dogs for fun.

Poundo looked around the tiny cage he was locked in and calculated how many
circuits he would have to run to be fast enough to transition to where he
came from and wanted to be!

It was time for the quantum leap! Poundo never had been all the way up to
the speed of light, but good efforts had landed him in many interesting
realities along the way. Once at half the speed of light he was in cricket
heaven which was extremely noisy because crickets never went anyplace else!
Here in Cricket heaven also was an introduction to the surprising revelation
that there wasn’t any Cricket hell! Or a hell for any creature that ever
lived on earth or elsewhere! Arf! (WOW!)

Fearfully, but bravely, Poundo spun on with 5 legs worrying about
accidentally landing in dinosaur heaven. On went Poundo whizzing past
various pet heavens; Turtle, Horsie, Goldfish ,Kitty and even Doggie heaven!
He stopped deliberately for a moment at what was Human heaven, Poundo couldn’t
believe how sparse that population was! If there wasn’t any hell where were
the remaining humans? Poundo couldn’t take time to ask. Energizing his sixth
leg and holding on, he went for full speed- the fullest speed- the speed of
light! He almost blacked out from the force of acceleration in all

It turned out that on reaching the speed of light you found yourself in a
parallel universe- where fleas were in control!

Poundo hit the speed of light...

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