Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home Screen - SuzanneGeiss.net @ The Suzanne Geiss Company opens Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Please join Petrella's Imports at Suzanne Geiss Company for the opening reception of Home Screen - an extension of Suzannegeiss.net.

Home Screen includes works by Nick Demarco, Maggie Lee & Tamara Gonzalez, Alisa Barenboym & Gregory Edwards, Melissa Brown, Peter Wilson, Joshua Abelow, David Knowles, Sean Monahan, Brian Belott, Cynthia Talmadge, Cat Kron, Fuckers Books, Rachel Lord, Hayley Aviva Silverman, Laura Hunt, Erica Sarlo, Izzy Galindo, Matt Leifheit & Nora Mcleod, Corey Riddell, Scrubbed Stove, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Pete Watts, Jessie Stead, Narcissister & Arley Marks, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Dylan Bailey, Anne Kunsemiller, and Maia Ruth Lee.

Home Screen - SuzanneGeiss.net
76 Grand Street, NYC
July 30th - August 24, 2013

The Suzanne Geiss Company is pleased to present suzannegeiss.net, a temporary digital platform for emerging artists to utilize the url as a medium in the gallery context. Each week from July 1st to September 1st, a different artist or group will take over this domain. The content and purpose of suzannegeiss.net will be dictated by the artists during their allotted time, the gallery having no say in what appears on the site.

As an extension of suzannegeiss.net, Petrella’s Imports, one of the website’s contributors, will take over the gallery’s storefront space from July 30th to August 24th. For their online project, Petrella's will create a newsstand app almost identical to the app standard on digital devices. Instead of The New York Times, USA Today, or other ubiquitous publications, their app will feature digital artist projects. In the gallery, they will create a site-specific manifestation of the app involving take-away versions of the artist publications, continuing the group’s interest in physical versus digital outposts for contemporary art.

suzannegeiss.net takes a look at the changing relationship between artists and galleries and the mediums in which they function. Contributors include AH HOLE AH HOLE, Joshua Citarella, Mariah Dekkenga, Owen Kydd, Petrella’s Imports, PplSft, Edward Marshall Shenk, Emily Segal, and Analisa Bien Teachworth.

We welcome you to regularly stop by suzannegeiss.net to see how the site changes with each contributor, as well as our gallery storefront during Petrella’s Imports’ installation.

Organized by Emily Ludwig Shaffer.

'Petrella's Imports' was created by Anne Libby, Elise McMahon and Sophie Stone at the intersection of Bowery and Canal. At a time when the role of the newsstand as 'source of information' wanes, Petrella's Imports' newsstand acted as a physical outpost in a digital age, housing a surrogate inventory assembled from artist-made items including magazines and newspapers, postcards, prepackaged food, umbrellas and cigarettes. Their serial video project "Live Stream" documents and fictionalizes the newsstand's reified integration into New York City street life, suggesting an alternative to both art consumption and commercial culture.



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